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Aftermath Bayelsa state governorship elections: Professor Nnamdi Obiaraeri dissects the bitter lesson Jonathan taught gov. Dickson Seriake .


Some political analysts have been gloating over the inability of Governor Dickson to produce his successor in the just concluded Bayelsa guber election.

Those within this school of thought go the extra mile to attribute the electoral mishap that led to the defeat of PDP by oposition APC in Bayelsa to a supposed political lesson which former President GEJ taught Governor Dickson.

They claim among other things that Dickson was ungrateful to GEJ who helped his political career to blossom and because Dickson wanted to go it all alone in midwifing a successor, GEJ and his PDP supporters had to teach him a bitter political lesson by working against Dickson’s succession plan.

That may be true (although it takes away the hard work that APC leaders and chieftains like former Governor Sylva put in the epic contest), but in all sincerity, did GEJ teach Dickson any bitter political lesson or are both of them not eventual losers?

We dare say that if this was a political lesson, it must have been a very costly one on both sides.

Let it be known, that both former President GEJ and outgoing Governor Dickson are PDP Members.

GEJ is unurguably the face of PDP in Bayelsa State and way beyond. Now Bayelsa has gone PDP.

How then did GEJ teach his party, the PDP where he is a national leader, a lesson by making it lose a vital election in his home state to a rival political party, the APC?

For the records, if this is true, what brand of politics GEJ allegedly played in this scenario is politics of sabotage since he did not and has not resigned his membership of PDP.

Any insider can sabotage the other in politics because sabotage can only come from within.

Without patronising anyone, political saboteurs are cowards lacking conviction and courage.

It requires no tact to work against another person in politics even for gullible reasons.

A person dissatisfied with a party decision should take a walk. That is the most courageous and tidy thing to do. Staying put to sabotage the party from inside is no politics.

Those who link a former President and national leader of a Political party to acts of sabotage in his home state do not know that it is not the best for the political image of a man seen in some quarters as a true democrat and icon of politics without bitterness.

Now that GEJ has alegedly thrown away the baby with the bathwater, will PDP clap for him? No!

When the incoming APC government in Bayelsa start the inevitable clamp down on Governor Dickson and PDP Members in Bayyelsa, will they spare the PDP saboteurs even if GEJ is spared because of his elevated status?

Only time will tell but come shall come to become. In practical power politics, across party support counts little to the dominant winning group. APC will not and should never agree that it would not have won Bayelsa without the support of the PDP blacklegs and

Dickson did not do well not to defer to his benefactor. The least you owe a benefactor is gratitude. Dickson is an ingrate.

Dickson did not do well not to share the spoils of office. You chop alone, you die alone.

Dickson did not do well to think he can make a Governor without other PDP stakeholders in his home state. Now the bubble has burst and he will fly a low perch without immunity after leaving office.

But those in PDP who sabotaged Dickson and PDP chances in Bayelsa did not think well or do well too because they also lost. Na their own worse pass sef…did they not sell on credit to an unknown customer?

No matter how it is presented, only APC can rightly claim victory in the Bayelsa guber election. That is APC exclusive bragging right.

No member of PDP can claim victory in the Bayelsa guber because he was a traitor or saboteur.

Bitter lesson now learnt- sabotage is no politics. That is why unsuccessful coup plotters are killed off in the military because even if you forgive a traitor, he will never forgive himself.

To throw away the baby with the bathwater in anger no follow abeg. You can never be the higest goal scorer in World Cup Football Finals because you scored an own goal against your team. Check am nah. That one na Iberiberism.

Prof. Nnamdi Obiaraeri is a former Commissioner for information in lmo state ; and a respected chieftain of the All Progressives Congress .


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