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Board and Management staff of the lmo State Housing Corporation inspects corporation’s owned properties , Amara Iwuanyanwu joins them on oversight




  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Owerri , Imo State

The Board and Management Staff of the Imo State Housing Corporation , yesterday , Wednesday 14th, 2019 , held a successful joint inaugural meeting after the composition of the new Board by His Excellency , Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , CON, KSC .

The Board Chairman , Hon. Nze Ray Emeana , while addressing news men after the meeting with the Management Staff of the Corporation affirmed that , the Board of Imo State Housing Corporation under his watch would work very assiduously towards assisting the governor in his relentless efforts in realizing his laudable vision for a truly rebuilt Imo .

In a similar remark , the General Manager of the state owned Housing Corporation , Hon. Arch. Chidi Okoli , in his words maintained that ; the Corporation under his management and administration shall recover all illegally allocated lands that contravened Lands Administration System . And a lot more that were allegedly allocated to the cronies of past administration (s) without due process . The GM of the Imo State Housing Corporation was also reported to have promised to build over 5000 Low Income Scheme Housing Units for Imo people .

Meanwhile , the proactive House Committee chairman on Housing and Urban Development ; the Honorable member representing Nwangele Constituency , Amara Iwuanyanwu alongside , his Deputy Chairman Hon. Kennedy Ibeh , were reported to have joined the Corporation’s Board and Management Staff during their inspection of a selected Imo State Housing Corporation ‘s owned properties as part of their oversight.

However , some of the state owned properties inspected by the House Committee Chairman on Housing and Urban Development in the company of the Board & Management staff of the ISHC included ;

√ Gboko Estate
√ Dreamland Estate ; Phase 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 .
√ Redemption Estate – Extension . All in Obinze within the Owerri municipality .

Nevertheless , 4thestatereporters.com , having observed in the recent times the phenomenal rise in population , rural -urban migration , spontaneous increases in seize of cities within the municipality which have regrettably led to overcrowding , shortage of habitable dwelling units and high rate of house rents in Owerri and its neighbouring towns ; is therefore , advising the Rebuild Imo Administration under governor Emeka Ihedioha to consider , as as a matter of public good , the urgent need to embark on low Housing Scheme targeted at giving shelter to retiring civil servants and other low -income earners in the state given the height of competition amongst the political leaders and other successful businessmen in acquiring lands in fast developing layouts .

Since sustainable urbanization seeks to pursue development in harmony with the protection of environmental quality while maintaining standard. No doubt , providing an effective Housing Policy framework constitutes one of the major instruments required for sustainable urbanization .

Having said this through our keen observation in rural -urban migration with limited low housing plan for average lmolites . May I therefore , candidly advise the governor to look very critically into a number of issues and concerns raised above .

I trust God that , Hon . Sir . Amara Chyna Iwunyanwu – the House Committee Chairman on Housing and Urban Development , will use his wealth of experience as a major player in the Real Estate Industry to reposition his Committee in total compliance of the Rebuild Imo Agenda of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , CON, KSC.

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