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Dumo Lulu Briggs Greystone Towers and the emanating spins

A known Port Harcourt based writer, George Azunda Chinda made a post on Facebook about the Greystone Tower, a corporate office located at 12 Idowu Taylor St, Victoria Island, Lagos, owned by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs.

He said: “Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs in bracing the odds, completes an 18-floor high rising “Greystone Tower” in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Kudos to him. However, it’s still Lagos that’s the beneficiary of this beautiful edifice and the revenue accruals therefrom. Whereas, Port Harcourt loses. Government must begin to do all it can to restore Rivers’ lost glory for projects like this to see the light of the day in Rivers State.”

This post on Facebook has generated a lot of reactions with some captious twists about an aspiring Rivers Governor investing in Lagos State and ignoring the benefits of having such edifice in Port Harcourt. Hence the need to cut the veil and untwine the web.

Greystone Tower is described as one of a new breed of office buildings, that redefines the Lagos city skyline with its organic and responsive warm clear glass facade. It features 18 floors of commercial office spaces with 5 floors of parking space, a ‘concessionary floor’ with Restaurants, Cafe, gym to enhance the lifestyle factor in the building. Indeed, Greystone promises to be one of the finest commercial accommodations in the city. Granted!

The truth is, DLB has other business links to Port Harcourt, and a good percentage of his workforce are Rivers people. He is around 60% Port Harcourt based and understands the Port Harcourt issues. Secondly, part of his passion to become Rivers Governor is born out of a sincere desire to make Port Harcourt an industrial nave of Nigeria. The man has series of planned investments to be located in Rivers State in addition to what he already has here; but the environment must be improved; that is why he is committed to:

  1. Supporting favorable and business friendly government policies from outside the government formation.
  2. Building human capacity and expanding the horizon of opportunities through educational support, skills development and empowerment programs within the state.
  3. Participating in Politics with a defined objective of taking the mantle of leadership which will no doubt afford him a bigger opportunity to apply his innovative ideas for improving the economy of Rivers State and actualizing her industrial potentials.

So, there’s really nothing to worry about yet, as there are plans in place that are well articulated and captured in his prototypal manifesto for a positive transformation in the state. All that is needed is for the opportunity to come while he continues to do all he can for human capital development amid the present circumstance in the state.

Uche E. Woke

Njoku Macdonald
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