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Nkwerre Isu Nwangele Njaba Federal Constituency : Filling the erosion of misconceptions as Kingsley Echendu receives INEC certificate of return .



  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Owerri , Imo State .

The misunderstanding , seeming tension and true position over the duly recognized House of Representatives member for Nkwerre/ Isu/ Nwangele/ Njaba / federal constituency , is needless and should not be allowed to boil over especially now , that , the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has issued Hon. Kingsley Chibuzo Echendu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with his certificate of return ; having fulfilled the requirements of the law and returned elected. Point blank ; a media bullet fired from very close range to its target .

With the above being objectively stated , the aggrieved , his major challenger , Hon. Ozurigbo Ugonna , who had before now rejected the May 29th Federal High Court judgement that sacked him as a member -elect for the largest federal constituency on the basis that the presiding judge , Hon. Justice . Ringime , delivered the judgement in error , as well as opposed to the Independent National Electoral Commission’s total compliance to the order of court of competent jurisdictions ; should continue with his appeal while allowing status quo to be maintained .

Unfortunately , a number of these misguided , misinformed , misled , misconceived and confused minds are still flagrantly throwing tantrums at our respected and law abiding electoral umpire , INEC , maintaining that , the certificate of return being issued to Hon.Kingsley Echendu , was a tissue paper even at the risks of not knowing the legal implications of their careless and unguarded utterances on the blogosphere .

Having raised the bar for social awareness and political consciousness of members of this most strategic federal constituency ; using insightful and analytical news reportage in advocating for social justice , equity and fairness while publishing and instilling the truth via www.4thestatereporters.com : I have , by the grace of God , become part of the conscience of the society ; as most intelligent readers and mature minds form their opinions based on my largely unbiased storylines .
Yes . And without being guilty of sounding immodest .

Nevertheless , these paid media hirelings and social media warriors majority of whom are jobless youths , Abba4thforce.com authoritatively gathered , were promised visas to Dubai , Indonesia , Malaysia , China , etc , for greener pastures , by a certain former lawmaker during his political rallies and campaign activities in the last elections . A political promise which has become a litmus test for his avowed integrity as this seeming mandate slips through his fingers .

Therefore , no sane or reasonable homo sapiens will ever be taken aback at their height of ignorance , blind argument and primordial sentiments as nobody grows beyond the level of information they can assimilate . Funny enough , those whom we erroneously thought were educated are now joining the bandwagon of these uninformed young men and women even at the point of not knowing that laws regulate all aspects of humans lives . The electoral process is no exception .

To further enlighten this crop of people . The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , 1999 as amended , the Electoral Act 2010 , as amended and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Rules and Regulations constitute the legal framework which regulate our electoral process . Breaches and violations of some of these provisions often attract penalties , which on conviction may be a fine , a term of imprisonment , or both .

Sadly enough , this sort of carelessness and recklessness in political utterances is associated with the supporters of a man who is assiduously seeking a higher public office in the Green Chamber .

Be that as it may , therefore , the question remains : What happens next now that the Independent National Electoral Commission , INEC, has issued Hon. Kingsley Echendu of the Peoples Democratic Party with a certificate of return ?

Above and beyond political intrigues , gimmicks and personal interests , Kingsley Echendu should without delays sworn -in as the duly elected member representing Nkwerre/ Isu/ Nwangele/Njaba federal constituency as stipulated in the Electoral Act , as amended .

With the issuance of his certificate of return last Friday , the one earlier issued to Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo by INEC has remained invalidated , null and void , and serves no useful purposes in any legislative presentations or related matters pending determination of his appeal .

Good a thing , the withdrawal of the certificate of return of the sacked Federal legislator was on the strength of the pre -election petition instituted against him by his fellow All Progressives Congress party man , Barr. Harrison Nwadike ; who ran to court seeking its prayers to nullify the primaries that produced his major rival , Hon. Ozurigbo . Thereby , making Kingsley Echendu of the Peoples Democratic Party a child of circumstance and direct beneficiary of the Justice Ringime court judgement .

However , what is unfolding in the case between Hon. Kingsley Echendu and Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo , is a shame , a political parody of sort as one whose earlier certificate of return has been invalidated by a court of competent jurisdiction is still allowed to be attending plenary even as ‘ a mere observer ‘ .

Meanwhile , at the centre of this sordid political melodrama are insinuations in many quarters that a respected lawyer , Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamilia is condoning this show of legislative illegality by using his office as Speaker of the House to allegedly disrupt Electoral Law by condoning a man who has been sacked by a Federal High Court even when it is obvious that his name is not in the list .

With this being said , one can boldly say that , most of the crisis we have had in the National Assembly leadership in recent years is either caused by the overbearing disposition of the Presidency or selfish interests of undisputed political godfathers from the South West , South East ; where they lord over the legislative arm of government which they seek to emasculate . And the ultimate victims of this unfortunate state of affairs are the good people of Nkwerre/ Isu/ Nwangele/ Njaba federal constituency who are denied quality and effective representation .

Having written to the National Assembly , Speaker of the House of Representatives , Clerk of the both Chambers , etc , the concerned authorities should allow seamless operations of our constitution and respect the ‘ electoral laws ‘ rather than the dictates of political godfathers in the coven of political party’s interest .

  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

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