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Nkwerre/ Isu/ Nwangele/ Njaba federal constituency : Sacked federal legislator hires former Attorney general , Michael Anodoka to make case for him at the Appeal court .



  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Owerri , Imo State

I have read rather with mixed reactions the different posts without any headlines made by the online supporters and social media hirelings of Rt. Hon. Ozurigbo Ugonna ; a federal lawmaker -elect sacked by the Owerri Judicial Division of the Federal High Court .

I can only say that ; ” Laughter in the midst of tragedy can never be really funny “.
By their show of ignorance and naivety about constitutionalism and the electoral laws , as amended , it is quite clear that these crop of innocent followers of Chief Ozurigbo do not even understand court proceedings , rulings and jurisprudence .

While the sacked federal lawmaker , Chief Ozurigbo , was allegedly said to have hired the former Attorney -General of the Federation , Hon. Justice . Michael Anodoka , through the legal contacts of his kinsman , Mr. Uche Obi SAN , many close observers of National Assembly politics have maintained that justice could only be delayed but not denied ; as they are of the opinion that Kingsley Echendu of the Peoples Democratic Party who has been issued with certificate of return ought to have been sworn -in without further delays by the House leadership under Rt. Hon. Femi Gajabiamilia .

As the one holding media brief for the good people of Nkwerre / Isu/ Nwangele/ Njaba Federal Constituency , I owe it to my conscience , my readers and the masses , to carefully situate the above issue under discussion .

While taking a broader perspective to the yet to be resolved political debacle between Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozuruigbo of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Hon. Kingsley Echendu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP); for the truly elected and recognised member of the House of Representatives considering it side – by – side from the angle of the electoral laws and court judgements .

One can , in retrospect , call to mind , how the cyberspace , blogosphere and print media , about this time last year , were awash with jubilation when some members of the National Assembly ; Senators and House of Representatives members sacked by the court and ordered to refund wrongly earned salaries and allowances , failed to do so .

However , it was situated that most decisions of the court against the affected former federal lawmakers arose from pre -election suits ( – in the case of Harrison Nwadike vs INEC and APC nay Ozurigbo ) ; where it was found that they were not validly nominated by their political parties to contest the elections .

In lieu of the above , the court , in a number of cases , in its declaratory judgement ordered the sacked lawmakers to refund all salaries and other entitlements they enjoyed during the period they had ‘ illegally occupied their seats at the National Assembly .

In making reference to the issue raised with particular emphasis in the House of Representatives’ leadership .

4thestatereporters.com authoritatively gathered that , eight members of the Green Chamber who were sacked a few years ago included :

Murtala Isa; Muntari Danduste ; Musa Salish; Amina Ashiru;Umar Adamu; Katgayel ; Muhammed Tukur and Abdu Dankama ; from Benue State and middle North .

Coming down home in lmo State , the new electoral law , as amended , gave impetus to the court , directing INEC to issue a certificate of return to the second runner -up in the election for Ehime Mbano| Ihitte Uboma Federal Constituency in the case between Deacon Chike Okafor and Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba .

Since the same electoral law is operational and applicable in the Zamfara case and across all courts of competent jurisdictions in the Nigeria context , hiring the most expensive SANs and a team of highly skilled lawyers cannot savage the situation , but would rather amount to wasting of scarce resources just to obtain court interlocutory injunction ; as there is hope in sight that the delay technicalities shall soon be exhausted while the aggrieved continues with his matter at the Appellant court .

The jubilation by OZB’s supporters at the Court of Appeal yesterday was quite laughable as there was really no need for that .

The court struck out a number of his not well prepared motions against Barr. Harrison Nwadike while directing him to file fresh
detailed motions before the next appearance .
Now , the question is : How does it translate to victory and jubilation ?

Every well informed mind knows that the battle is almost getting over as the Election Petitions Tribunal which is time bound is set to make its judgement .

Although , he has been fighting like ‘ a true Ikenga ‘ . The truth remains that ; Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo has been restless , but relentless given the political predicaments of being retired too early after this rigorous experience and political trauma . And I guess , a certain MacDonald Obinna is not in his good books ?

He missed yesterday’s sitting in the House of Representatives which he usually attends as a ‘ guest and friend’ to Femi Gajabimila because of their strong affiliations as members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) .

While Hon. Kingsley Echendu awaits the much expected invitation , Abba4thforce.com has gathered that his major rival will be operating from Owerri for the record time.

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