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Nwangele leadership and the rest of ndi lmo celebrate late Chief . (Sir). Chyna Iwuanyanwu one memorial anniversary .



  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Port Harcourt , Rivers State .

It is hard to eulogize any man to capture in words not just the facts and dates that make a life , but the essential truth of a person ; their private joys , sorrows , wilderness experiences ; the quite moments and unique qualities that illuminate someone’s soul . How much harder to do so for a man of many parts ; a quintessential leader of uncommon achievements ; a trail blazer ; a man of extraordinary grace ; who turned around the fortunes of his immediate Amuzi village in Dim na Nume Isu , Nwangele LGA , through selfless impacting leadership and passion for community service. And in the process , raised a number of new generation of highly motivated and confident young leaders ; which Hon. Sir. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu is an offshoot of that centre for leadership initiatives .

Born in 1957 into the family of late Chief and Lolo Bertram and Justina Iwuanyanwu ; of blessed memory . The then young Chyna Iwuanyanwu ; a boy raised in the coal City of Enugu State by his humble parents who were civil servants at the Enugu Coal Cooperation , would later emerge as one of the respected political leaders in Nwangele LGA and across Imo State whose exemplary leadership footprints stand the test of time in our contemporary society .

Late Chief (Sir). Chinaekwu Ignatius Iwuanyanwu ; a Media Icon personified , politician dignified , philanthropist exemplified and business maverick magnified , was laid to eternal rest exactly today last year at his Basilica of Grace , Amuzi Dim na -Nume Isu in Nwangele LGA amidst free flow of tears and almost emotional breakdown amongst his children , grandchildren , in-laws , business associates and political allies .

The story of the life and times of this celebrated media personality ; a professional par excellence ; public relations consultant ; specialist in public information management ; an author ; a foremost nationalist and respected chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party , late Chief (Sir) . Chyna Iwuanyanwu (Ugochinyere Mba 1 of Dim na -Nume) , could be found in his social diary and one of his books – an autobiography titled ; ” My Wilderness Experience ” .

It was one enduring , inspiring and soul -touching life story that would forever remain engrained in the hearts of his children and close relations . The story of a modest , but hardworking and determined husband and father -figure who sacrificed a lot to build a home and future with his lovely wife , Lolo (lady ) Joy Chymdi Iwuanyanwu .

A life story of a young man who was driven by passion , commitment , dedication and focus to build a career for himself in journalism after graduating from the Lagos State University in the Department of Mass Communications.

A true story of an industrious father who built a business from scratch and nurtured it until it turned into a multi -billion Naira spilling empire . One big lesson the young generation should learn ; that a man could actually start from ‘ nothing and make something out of life ‘ through determination , perseverance and uncommon faith in God who sharpens the destiny of man .

Until his death , the late Sir Chyna Iwuanyanwu built a flourishing business Sungold Group alongside other membership companies like :
√ Sungold Estate Ltd
√ Sungold Energy Ltd
√ Sungold Tourism Ltd
√ Shirleys Confectioneries Ltd
√ Splendor Paints Ltd
√ Media Matters (Nig) Ltd ; with networks in Abuja , Lagos , Owerri , South Africa , and the United States .

Just like his first son , Hon. Sir . Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu ; the proactive House member representing Nwangele Constituency at the Imo State House of Assembly . The late High Chief Chyna Iwuanyanwu was a jolly good fellow , a media guru with midas touch for excellent life , fashion and style news coverage . He was the Founder and Chairman , Zara Foundation – an International NGO with special interest in education for the less privileged , rural health sensitization and awareness campaigns , youth and women empowerment initiatives .
The Foundation was also established to groom future leaders through capacity development , good governance and transparency initiative .

Today , the late Sir . Chyna Iwuanyanwu is being remembered and celebrated even in death because of his uncommon leadership role and mentorship which had become a reference point ; not only in Nwangele LGA and Imo state , but across the country as the late sage participated very actively in a number of national political discourses as a detribalized Nigerian and contested for both National Chairmanship and National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in different National Conventions of the largest political party in Africa . Amongst the political class and elites in Nigeria , late Chief (Sir) Chyna Iwuanyanwu would be remembered as a detribalized Nigerian and foremost advocate for true federalism .

Although , the late Chief (Sir). Chyna Iwuanyanwu , KSC , could be adjudged to have died in his prime at 61 years old given the level of hassling , and struggle for survival in the Nigerian socioeconomic context . However , in the gallery of Nwangele political leadership and elder statesmen of the 21st century , he occupies an exceptional position .

His name will be forever linked in the Nigerian political landscape as a nationalist who advocated for true federalism , all inclusiveness in the economic sharing formula and power rotation .

Like every other mortal , the late Chief (Sir) Chyna Iwuanyanwu admitted his imperfections , embraced Christ and made peace with God before taking a final bow to the great beyond .

Chief . (Sir) . Chyna Iwuanyanwu , just like Nelson Mandela , the most respected and influential black man that had ever lived , insisted on living a community life of sharing with others ; including his doubts , fears , mistakes , miscalculations along with his numerous victories during his life time .

Because he could admit to imperfections . Because he could be so full of good humour despite the heavy burdens he carried through his falling health – that we loved him so much even in death . He was not a bust made of marble ; he was a man of flesh and blood .

√ An illustrious son of Nwangele LGA !
√ An industrious father to the Iwuanyanwus !
√ A loving husband to his amazing wife !
√ A caring Daddy like no other to his lovely children !
√ A jolly good fellow to his friend !
√ A kind and kindred spirit to his kinsmen ! And that is why we learn so much from him , and that is why we can learn from him still . For nothing he achieved during his walk through life was inevitable .

In the arc of his life , we saw a man who earned his place of pride in history through unrelenting determination to succeed . He told us what is possible not just in the pages of his books , but in real life experience .

Late Chief . (Sir) . Chyna Iwuanyanwu , Ksc , reminds us that it always seems impossible until an attempt is made . During his days , he also showed us we can change for the better . That we can choose a world defined not by our background and differences , but by our uncommon faith and resilience to succeed . By his rare leadership ideology and philosophy of life , many lives have been remolded through this positive leadership influence .

As we mark his one year fond memorial anniversary today , let us search emulate his largeness of spirit . Let us celebrate and sustain those legacies he left behind that endeared him to us .

Keep resting , great one !
Keep finding eternal peace in the bosom of He who has called you to rest in glory .

You were so dearly loved , and would always be greatly missed !

You are forever in our hearts !

Plans are on top gear for the family of late Chief (Sir) Chyna Iwuanyanwu to officially unveil and lunch his five books by December ; God willing .

The books titles are :

  1. My wilderness Experience
  2. Thus said the Lord
  3. Great Stories of the Bible
  4. Great Miracles of Jesus
  5. Parables of Jesus .
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