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Nwangele LGA captured during the ongoing biometric revalidation and verification pensioners exercise .



  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Nwangele LGA , Imo State .

Pensioners in lmo State are amongst pensioners across the country that have been going through excruciating experiences, untold hardship and sufferings over backlog of unpaid pensions and other benefits which they were entitled to during and after their active years in service .

Though there are conflicting figures on the number of months and years owed pensioners in the state , some of them have however , carried either accurate or erroneously personal computation , brandishing over bloated figures on the number of months they claimed previous administrations owe them (1999-2019) before the emergence of the Rebuild Imo government .

Following the above ugly plights of lmo pensioners , the Rebuild Imo government under His Excellency , Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , CON, KSC , in keeping to his campaign promises and covenant with lmo people during his inauguration in total compliance to the Federal Government’s Pension Transitional Directorate , PTAD , gave matching directives for a Biometric Revalidation and Verification Exercise to be carried out in order to properly capture lmo pensioners ‘ outstanding arrears .

Having trained the ad-adhoc staff for the exercise , they were deployed across the 27LGAs in the state to effectively capture all pensioners in attendance during the exercise .

Nwangele LGA was also not left out in the pension biometric verification exercise as the Interim Management Committee Chairman , Hon (Dr.) Okey Onyejiaka ; an astute administrator and technocrat alongside other council members monitored the exercise while making logistical provisions to ensure a hitch – free exercise .

Nwangele Headquarters correspondent of 4thestatereporters.com, Obinwa Kelechi , informed that , the Council chairman came early enough to the venue of the exercise to ensure that there were enough chairs for the aged senior citizens to be seated while being attended to .

The exercise today , which was designed to capture secondary school teachers and State civil servants in all government parastatals continues tomorrow , Thursday, 4th September 2019 ; while Friday , 5th September ; is for all primary school teachers and Nwangele Local Government workers .

Our correspondent informed that; the humane and compassionate Council Chairman , Hon (Dr.) Okey Onyejiaka , out of his magnanimity made provision for food and cold water to the aged pensioners who came for the exercise .

… Okey Onyejiaka , serving God and humanity through public office .

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