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Re: Njoku MacDonald replies Fcc Jones Onwuasoanya’s over bloated allegations against Presidential Aide


April 4th , 2019 .

My attention has been drawn to an infantile and atavistic effort by a known serial propagandist and paid media hireling in the state , FCC Jones Onwuasoanya , to malign once again another respected lmo leader through his concocted trending online publication .

Jones Onwuasoanya ; who is currently the Director , Media and Publicity at the Ugwumba Uche Nwosu Campaign Organization : until recently, was the State Publicity Secretary of the Chief Daniel Nwafor led faction of the All Progressives Congress (APC) but later defected to the Action Alliance with the governor’s son in-law , Uche Nwosu alongside their supporters majority of whom are unemployed lmo youths and the uninformed in rural areas .

With their faction of the All Progressives Congress severally decimated and schemed out in the power -play during the controversial state congress and party primary elections in the state , Jones Onwuasoanya as a willing tool in the hands of his paid masters , resorted to destructive criticisms , baseless and unfounded allegations against the party and its governorship candidate , Sen. Hope Uzodinma . All in attempts to pull down the APC while diverting public attention to the AA and re -directing supports to its governorship candidate , Ugwumba Uche Nwosu . An effort albeit , which eventually hit the rock !

From the above , therefore , no discerning or rationale minded homo sapiens in the state would ever be taken aback in the latest sponsored media onslaught by Onwuasoanya against the person of Hon .Princess Gloria Akobundu ; Special Adviser to President Muhammad Buhari on New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) : who made the list of nominated members of the newly inaugurated Imo Transition Technical Committee in the incoming Rebuild Imo Administration under HE, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , CON , KSC .

While it is not in my character to join issues with friends or colleagues in the pen profession , an urgent response to this divisive , incitive , inflammatory and rabble -rousing piece became very expedient given the weighty allegations raised therein .

In the said puerile and malicious online publication credited to a certain ‘ faceless Johnbull Chikwe ‘ , a pseudo Facebook account believed to be owned and operated by Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya whose stock in trade is peddling of empty propaganda as to draw unnecessary attention to his chronicles . A mischievous and obnoxious media approach targeted at maligning Princess Gloria Akobundu while inciting the presidency against this technocrat and professional per excellence .

In his desperate but failed attempts to bring down this woman of virtue , Onwuasoanya Jones through his pseudo Facebook account accused the Presidential Aide of teaming up with the opposition Peoples Democratic Party to sabotage the re -election bid of the President and the interests of the All Progressives Congress candidates in lmo state . An erroneous and hasty conclusion by a man who is cut out for controversy as investigations have proved otherwise . It is on record that Hon. Gloria Akobundu; a true party chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in the state ensured that the APC won in her ward and polling units .

However , Onwuasoanya’s misgivings against this temporary state assignment given to Mrs. Akobundu is understandably so largely because of this psychology of defeatism as experienced by his principal , Ugwumba Uche Nwosu ; who is now looking for soft landing as a basis for going back to the All Progressives Congress .

While refuting this malicious and envious online publication by Onwuasoanya , it is quite instructive to state that the composition of the 139 membership of the Imo Transition Technical Committee as inaugurated by Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha,CON is drawn from all walks of life despite party affiliations . An assemblage of technocrats , seasoned administrators , captains of industry , members of the ivory tower , successful business men , political strategists, professionals with cordon blue jobs in the corporate sharks , experienced political tacticians , policy -makers and formulators; without any records of criminal charges or court cases hanging around their necks. ” Successful lmo sons and daughters in their various fields of endeavours ” .
In the list of this carefully selected men and women of honour , you shall find such names like Mr. Frank Nneji | Chairman , ABC Transport ; who contested for lmo governorship ticket under the All Progressives Grand Alliance , APGA . Another respected Nigerian and lmo son in the list is Mr. Linus Okorie ; governorship candidate of Young Peoples Party , amongst others.

As a political analyst and reporter in the state , I am sure that it was on the above premise that this strong woman of substance from the Okigwe political zone , Hon. Princess Gloria Akobundu ; a policy maker and economic expert was nominated to serve in one of the sub -committees after a private investigation about her resume , work experience and pedigree .

It is also worthy to note that this appointment is a clear indication of her broad base intellectualism which is an asset to both Mr. president and Imo state where she came from .
Furthermore , it is important to state in clear terms that this appointment is on advisory note and does not attract any financial benefits thereto , or makes one to leave his | her political appointment . It is a clear case of one passionately driven to serve God and humanity through the privilege instrument of government .

Meticulous appointments which had proved that the Imo governor -elect , Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha truly meant business . Unlike the outgoing governor ,Owelle Rochas Okorocha who failed in a number of his administration’s policy thrusts because he surrounded himself with persons or weaklings who lack respect and honour . Governor Okorocha chose rather persons who saw him as their economic messiah on account of appointment to a public office they did not merit . Ironically , Jones Onwuasoanya is a product of this government .

Before I wrap up this insightful piece of a rebuttal , let me with all sense of sincerity inform the Presidency through its spokesman Mr. Femi Adesina ; that in lmo state the people have a culture of choosing who to lead or govern them despite political inclination or party affiliation . The records are there for verifications .

Imo is predominantly a Christian state where her citizens speak with one voice across party lines . When it became so obvious that the people are fed up with the Okorocha style of leadership given his insistence that his son in-law must succeed him apart from having a number of his family members in his government . The people resorted to voting for any good candidate from any party except Ugwumba Uche Nwosu . Emeka Ihedioha who lost in the 2015 governorship election was better prepared this time and strategically positioned .

To Onwusoanya Jones and like minds , why not accept the reality that the election has been won and lost ?

Imolites , irrespective of political leanings have agreed to join hands together in this herculean task of rebuilding the state while putting it on the path of development .

Resorting to sabotage , smearing campaign , negative and destructive propaganda and spread of fake and destabilizing news will not do anyone any good . In Nigeria , we have one country and we shall have one president and Commander -in- Chief at a time .

In Imo State , God has chosen Rt . Hon. Emeka Ihedioha , CON , through the peoples mandate . Supporting him will include constructive criticism and good suggestions on how better our state issues can be managed .

Inciting the presidency against Hon. Princess Gloria Akobundu for the mere reason that her state of origin tenaciously sought her vast ideas , inputs and human resources in order to put the state on the path of economic development , is to say the least , very demeaning , infantile and attention – seeking .

The Rebuild Imo Project is an all inclusive task for all lmo sons and daughters. Let us eschew playing politics around the composition of the membership of the Transition Technical Committee .

Imo State is in safe hands !

  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

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