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Report and photo gallery of late Ugoeze Cecilia Ojiako Annual Free Medical Outreach .


  • Njoku MacDonald Obinna

Nwangele LGA , Imo State .

There is a very popular but true saying that ; “Health is Wealth”. This age -long medical lexicon refers to the importance attached to health and also reveals the state of humans hopelessness if they are not strong enough to pursue their individuals’ day -to-day activities , aspirations and related endeavors ❗

The above famous health titbit and humanitarian wisdom nugget was completely demonstrated last Thursday , December 26th, 2019 , as an illustrious son of Abba ; an international surgeon with cordon blue job in the United States ;

a widely consulted medical doctor ; an astute administrator ; a polished gentleman ; refined in his profession ; a first class prince from the Ojiako Royal Dynasty in Ogwuaga Abba ; a respected community leader and compassionate giver ; a humanitarian par excellence , Dr. Kizito Chijioke Ojiako (Ezedinobi) , in conjunction with his amiable wife ; a renowned physician in the United States of America , Lolo Dr. Mrs. Ifenlota Ojiako , his eldest brother , Dr. G.C. Ojiako; who took care of the eye section during the free medical mission ; as well as other members of the Ojiakos as they organised a team of medical experts ranging from Optometrists, Ophthalmologists , Laboratory Scientists , Pharmacists, Nurses , as well as other ancillary health workers to the Ogwuaga Abba Health Centre in Nwangele LGA , for the annual free medical mission which was facilitated and independently funded by the Southwest Critical Care Corporation , USA , under the chairmanship of Chief (Dr.) Kizito Chijioke Ojiako:

An International Medical Foundation which was later dedicated to the late Ugoeze Cecilia Chinyere Ojiako ; the pioneer midwife that successfully ran a private maternity home for free child delivery in Abba .

An annual free medical outreach nay Foundation with core mission of ;

√ Providing supports to the sick , physically challenged persons , the aged and people with different ailments by helping them through free medical treatments .

√ Providing health social awareness and sensitization through advocacy for balanced diets , physical fitness , nutrition and periodic medical check -ups.

√ Providing education scholarship for the less privileged , indigents but intelligent students both in secondary schools and other higher institutions of learning with the objective of eliminating mass illiteracy while empowering minds .

However , by this singular humanitarian gesture , Chief (Dr.) Kizito Chijioke Ojiako and family , have once again demonstrated that ; ” Human’ s life has meaning only to that degree and as long as it is lived in the service of humanity: For humanity is infinite”. Just to borrow a leaf from the Noble Laurent, Prof. Wole Soyinka ❗
Ezedinobi has indeed , demonstrated true love for fatherland ,expressed his heartbeat for charity and love for work of mercy having been graciously blessed by God ❗

Before giving a report about the massive attendance recorded during this all engaging and energy sapping free medical outreach and the preceding harvest of testimonies from the beneficiaries . It is instructive to note that an average Nigerian lacks access to better health facilities and free medical treatments. The reason is very obvious ; poverty .

Nevertheless, while the African continent is continuously working on how to cure major epidemics and illness as the cure for cancer and HIV has been a domineering topic for Scientists even as these epidemics remain perennial while their cure is slow and relatively elusive. We may have taken for granted the wide array of diseases that have emerged as a result of poor nutrition ; lack of physical fitness and exercise ; poor hygiene; negative attitude towards routine check -ups , etc ; which the late Ugoeze Cecilia Ojiako Annual Free Medical Mission created a window of opportunity to address in Abba and its neighbouring communities as 4thestatereporters.com Community Watch spotted out the young and aged , rich , poor and average homes in attendance who came to partake of the free medical treatments from a team of international trained and indigenous medical experts .

Having taken cognizance of the above , some ten years ago, Dr. Kizito Chijioke Ojiako conceptualized , initiated and practically implemented the Free Medical Mission in Abba United ,USA , with the assistance of other Diasporas as the Pioneer Founder of Free Medical Mission; both home and abroad .


With the numerical strength of over one thousand people in attendance , graciously too, a number of them were medically treated and miraculously healed and discharged ❗

There was free test for eye -check -up and high blood pressure ❗
Free wheel chairs given to the paralytic and partial stock patients who couldn’t move with the help of walking sticks ❗
Hundreds of free eye glasses distributed ❗
Free drugs and vaccines distributed to those with typhoid fever and malaria + while special attention was given to those with syphilis , rabies and sars ❗

Yes, the blind received their sight . The short -sighted given free eye glasses and drugs to medically correct the sight problem.
Those with special cases of glaucoma and cataract were provided with routine drugs while being referred to the Federal Medical Centre , Owerri , as their hospital bills would be taken care of by the Southwest Critical Care Corporation , USA.

Following the exemplary Christian leadership of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; in feeding the people or crowd after preaching the word of God to them : The Ojiako family, our source informed us , later distributed about 20 bags of rice to those who came for the free medical treatment thereby doubling the number of attendance by 45β„… ❗

From the light of above , 4thestatereporters.com authoritatively asserts, after a critical analysis and appraisal of the Thursday , December 26th , 2019 , late Ugoeze Cecilia Ojiako Annual Free Medical Mission that the exercise was a huge success ; while praying God to give Chief(Dr.) Kizito Chijioke Ojiako and his siblings the grace and material resources to sustain this very lauable medical initiative as our people are really sick and in dire need of this free medical assistance as most average home in Nigeria cannot afford the luxury of sustained free medical treatments .

Of course , our interview segment captured a select leaders and beneficiaries who poured glowing encomiums on Dr. kizito Chijioke Ojiako , his Southwest Critical Care Corporation , USA , and the rest of the Ojiakos in Ogwuaga Abba; for giving back to the society through free medical outreach ❗

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