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As Dim Na Nume Isu celebrates new yam festival: Engr. Kenneth Ebubeogu, lmo PDP youth leader and other conferred with chieftaincy titles by Eze Nelson Obasi, KSC, JP



  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna

Nwangele LGA , Imo State .

The pomp and pageantry that attended the new yam festival of the good people of Dim Na Nume Isu in Nwangele LGA , last Saturday, October 26, 2019; spoke very eloquently of the people’s rich cultural heritage and deep respect for traditional institution . The occasion which held at the palace of His Royal Highness , Eze Sir (Dr.) Nelson Obasi, Ksc (JP) CP(Rtd) saw a few select but well deserved lmo illustrious sons who had , individually, made their marks in their various fields of endeavors , being honoured with chieftaincy titles .

In lgboland , the occasion of Iri -ji (new -yam eating) is a cultural festival because of its significance. The individual lgbo community, as agrarian people , had their days for this august occasion during which a line- up of events herald the eating of new yam.
To the lgbos , therefore , the day is symbolic of enjoyment after the cultivation season.

In lieu of the above , the former warlord and Eze ndi Igbo -gburu gburu, the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu once captured its importance quite vividly when he described ” the new yam festival , in our tradition , as the culmination of a work cycle and the beginning of another “.

That perhaps, explains why in a traditional lgbo setting invitation to the festival is usually thrown open ; to demonstrate that there is abundant food not just for the harvesters but also friends and well wishers.

In Igbo communities , it should be noted , that ; the solemn role of eating the first yam is performed by the oldest man in the community or the king, as the case may be. The belief is that their position bestows on them the privilege of being intermediaries between their communities and the gods of the land. The rituals that attend the new yam eating are meant to express the community’s appreciation to the gods for making the harvest of farm yields possible. The influence of Christianity notwithstanding, many traditionalists and title holders in some Igbo communities never taste the new yam until the day traditionally set aside for it.

However , as part of the events marking the Dim Na Nume Isu new yam festival, was an early novelty match between Dim Na Nume Elite club side led by its dangerous striker and captain, Chief (Engr.) Celestine Opurum, with Jersey No.10 ; as Nze Apala Dom Njoku scored a goal to nathing for the elite against their Home Base opponent , during the second half.

The high point of the event was the conferment of the most prestigious chieftaincy title of ‘ Oka Oburuozu 1 of Dim Na Nume Isu Ancient Kingdom ‘ on their celebrated grandson , Chief (Engr.) Kenneth Ebubeogu (Ubawuike of Abba); ‘ by HRH Eze Sir (Dr.) Nelson Obasi , KSC, JP (Dim 11 of Dim -Na -Nume Isu).

Ubawuike of Abba : A man who has become the most talked about in Nwangele contemporary political leadership even when he is yet to occupy any defined public trust . Accessible , humble , very jovial , a careless giver and youth -friendly leader .

Providence , no doubt, has literally lavished favour on him ; since success ,greatness and fame were never thrust on his laps on a platter of gold. His , is an interesting and intriguing story of grass to- grace: Story of a man who was determined to survive through dint of hard work , discipline, integrity and accountability as his watchword.

If anyone had told Engr. Kenneth Ebubeogu that he would someday become one of the gladiators in Nwangele political leadership , he would have dismissed it with a wave of the hand. But today , the humble and unassuming Ogwuaga Abba born Civil Engineer is celebrated amongst the youths and old ; who throng upon his widely open compound to seek for one form of assistance or the other .

Nevertheless, the well attended watershed event and yearly ritual witnessed the presence of respected Nwangele leaders as 4thestatereporters.com had in its roll -call and attendance -list ; Hon (Sir.) Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu who was accompanied to the new yam festival by Imo Commissioner for Creative Arts , Culture and Tourism, Hon (Barr.) Chijioke Nzekwe alongside three of his colleague Honourable members; Hon. Obinna Okwara (Nkwerre Constituency); Hon. Eddy Obinna (Aboh-Mbaise Constituency) and Hon. Dominic Ezerioha (Oru West Constituency).

Fast forward it to the reception at his Ogwuaga Abba ‘Peace Villa’; where invited guests , family members, friends , well wishers , business partners , political associates and other socialists were treated with variety of sumptuous meals and all sorts of foreign wines , champagne and refined whiskey -Hennesy , Mo’et , Blue label, Campari, Glenfiddich +18, etc.

Since an event is a reflection of the Celebrant’s character , if it is large and full of people from all walks of life , it is also a reflection of the host .

The above , no doubt, reflects and represents the Celebrant , Engr. Kenneth Ebubeogu (Oka Oburuozor 1 of Dim -Na-Nume Isu) who threw caution to the wind as he hosted his political allies and well meaning critical leaders of Nwangele LGA who , after leaving the venue of the new yam festival at the Eze’s palace, stopped over at Ubawuike’s Ogwuaga Abba residence to warmly felicitate with him in the spirit of friendship and social rendezvous .

From the Traditional Prime Minister of Dim -Na-Nume Autonomous Community, Chief Chinedu Ukadike to the likes of powerful stakeholders like; Chief (Engr.) Celestine Opurum, Nze Apala Dom Njoku, Chief Obinna Duruaku (Onwa Chineke), Chief Austine Nwoke, Chief Uchendu Anthony Ahaneku (Enineh Isu gburu- gburu), etc , poured glowing encomiums on their host , Chief Ebubeogu who was conferred with a chieftaincy title from the good people of Dim -Na-Nume Isu in Nwangele LGA.

In analysing last weekend social file at the Ogwuaga Abba country home of Chief (Engr.) Kenneth Ebubeogu , this reporter notes that ; ” It is not just the numbers that come that matters but the love and happiness shared with you on your special day . In this harsh economic climate we all live in today , it is so amazing when you can gather people around and give them cause to smile for one reason or the other especially if you are the cause”.

Ubawuike of Abba, was indeed, the cause why a number of his invited and uninvited guests smiled home last Saturday in Nwangele LGA, after the new yam festival.

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