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Chief Willie Amadi applauses Imo former governor , Ikedi Ohakim for toeing the path of honour in accepting Okorocha’s state award

🇳🇬⚖🇳🇬🍾🥂🎊OHAKIM went to honour himself and not Rochas by honouring a State invitation. Recall that the same Governor Rochas Okorocha deliberately removed every trace of OHAKIM’S legacy including trees and grasses that I Willie Amadi planted everywhere in the capital city. He was quoted as saying that OHAKIM stole State money and didn’t do anything during his 4 year administration. He refused to pay appointees and even OHAKIM their severance allowances until the Industrial Court gave judgement against the State and garnished their accounts, forcing the government to pay. So, if the same man, 8 years after, is bestowing the highest award in the State to the same OHAKIM he demonized, it is that same stupidity that made Imo people betray OHAKIM in 2011 and nearly paid dearly with their life that has come to play again. I persuaded my boss to proceed and receive the honour because he is overdue for the honour. I am very happy he did. OHAKIM, a former Commissioner under Enwerem and immediate past Goveror of the State is an Elder Stateman, a good Christian with high intellectual disposition deserves more accolades and even an appology. This morning I advised OHAKIM to rise above some of this naive, mundane and jealous Imo minds that are foolishly attacking him for accepting the honour as if Rochas extends an ordinary invitation they will not jump at it. For showing remorse and honouring OHAKIM, I thank Governor Rochas Okorocha for lately returning to the path of rectitude and State craft even though IT is never late to correct any MISTAKE🤝

Chief (Barr) Willie Amadi is the former Senior Special Assistant to Imo former governor , Chief Ikedi Ohakim . He is currently a federal commissioner at the Public Complaints Commission , Abuja

Njoku Macdonald
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