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Imo north senatorial district: Frank Ibezim’s name finally submitted to INEC after a boardroom political tussle in Abuja.



  • Njoku MacDonald Obinna

FCT , Abuja , Nigeria.

Life is an endless battle and conflict , and no good war strategist can fight very effectively unless he identifies his enemies. In Okigwe zone, it seems the people have a common identified political enemy who stands aloof and above board as many past and successive governors have fought him to a stand still yet , he is not deterred . He is a man who carefully picks up his own fight and moves with a force that shows him an independent political institution rather than a mere party man. Anywhere he goes , those who have either blindly or carefully remained on his monthly payroll over the years follow him with such candour, agility , civility and affability showing dedication as foot soldiers ; since politics is a game of interest.

While many have held the opinion that fighting to defend one’s territory against external invasion by unknown enemies is more honourable than the fight of ego; which is seen as ‘Surugede kind of dance.’ , others have maintained that in politics a man can engage in any kind of fight especially , one targeted at sidelining , silencing or relegating him to the background where his relevance is faded away like old age!

Following aftermath of Thursday, September 3, 2020, APC primary election for the forthcoming bye -election in Imo North Senatorial District; slated for October 31, 2020, the attendant outcome of that exercise which has polarised the party as two candidates emerged from the two factional party leadership: Sir Frank Ibezim (Barr. Charles Nlemigbo led Imo APC) and Sen. Ifeanyi Araraume (Daniel Nwafor led APC faction ); laying claims to the ticket ahead of the political Amargedon in Okigwe zone.

Eventually , the boardroom politics of power tussle, claims and counter -claims of the real candidate of the party shifted to Abuja last week; where the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was expected to , among other things , reconcile aggrieved party leaders, financiers , stakeholders and other interest groups ; present , submit and publish the name of either Sir Frank Ibezim ; a close political aide and friend of Hon. Emeka Nwajiuba , Nigeria’s Minister of Education for State , or Sen. Ifenanyi Ararume , whom many believed , is enjoying background support of Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha and his numerous supporters on the other side of the party divide.

Finally , news started trickling in last night that Sir Frank Ibezim’s name has been submitted to INEC as the party’s standard flag bearer ahead of the October 31 bye -election for Okigwe Senate seat. A source close to the APC senatorial candidate , Frank Ibezim, disclosed to 4thestatereporters.com earlier today that the tall ebony skinned politician has received a deluge of congratulatory messages from party leaders in Imo state and across the country as the duo of governor Hope Uzodinma and Chief Emeka Nwajiuba had called him on a telephone brief conversation to congratulate him.

Expectedly , Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume , whose integrity , respect and relevance in Okigwe zone nay Imo State politics has been challenged may not take this with kid gloves as he may explore other political avenues using his resources , contacts , network and reach to prove yet another strong and surprising point to the governor and handlers of Sir Frank Ibezim..

Of course , a veteran in power play , Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume understands that political war, or any kind of power tussle , is waged and won through strategy. Since fighting in a defensive manner is not a sign of weakness ; but the height of strategic wisdom , a powerful style of waging war which requires some level of aggressiveness.

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While the legal fireworks may ensue any moment soon , many political leaders and stakeholders in Imo State have privately advised the Ishi Ebu born political warlord and business maverick, Distinguished Sen.Ifeanyichukwu Godwin Ararume to sheathe his draconian sword and give some space for the younger generation to thrive and make their mark in the political landscape of Okigwe zone.

An emerging political leader in Okigwe zone and APC front line contender for the soul of Imo North Senatorial seat during the party primaries, Chief Chikwem Onuoha, having thrown his weight behind Sir Frank Ibezim after diligent discussions with the governor and stakeholders has toed the path of party discipline and comportment as he directed his campaign organization to galvanize support for the party’s standard flag bearer ahead of the October 31, 2020, bye -election.

  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna ; periscoping and dissecting the aftermath of Frank Ibezim’s emergence, declaration and submission as APC candidate ahead of the October 31, 2020, bye -election for Imo North Senatorial District.
Njoku Macdonald
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