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Imo state governor signs two important bills into law.

The Shared Prosperity Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma signed two important Bills into Law.

The Bills assented to by the Governor are:

  1. A bill for a law to establish the Imo State Micro Small and Medium Industries Development Agency and Related Matters.
  2. A bill for a law to establish a Bureau to co-ordinate, supervise and monitor projects undertaken by Donors / Development
    Partners in Imo State and Related matters.

Speaking, during the presentation of the bill to the Governor for assent, the Imo State House of Assembly Speaker, Hon. Chiji Collins stated that the Bills have underdone all stages of Legislative work after a robust debate by Imo House members. He further enumerated that the first bill will be a vanguard agency for Rural Development, Job Creation and Sustainable livelihood.

His Excellency, the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma expressed appreciation to the State House of Assembly for putting up these essential bills for assent. The Governor hinted on the existing irregularities through the past years in respect of International Donor Agencies that have brought help to the people of Imo State but with no coordination nor were they monitored. The new law would not only monitor but also specify the standards and ensure that Imo People benefit efficiently.

“We have had so many interventions through Global development Partners in form of provision of basic amenities but going through the records, there are no commensurate value neither have they impacted on our people positively. Therefore, in our wisdom we recommended a legislature for a Bureau that will coordinate all interventions from local partners to ensure proper management, implementation and positive impact on our people and value for money” the Governor added.

His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma further stressed that it can never be business as usual as some reforms maybe radical in nature having weighed on available options and the best is to create the change that is necessary for the people of Imo State to thrive.

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