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International scene: The dynamics aftermath US presidential elections as pro – Donald Trump protesters disrupt joint session in Capitol.



  • Njoku MacDonald Obinna

Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

πŸ“Έ In what appeared more like a typical Nigeria’s political melodrama in the United States of America , the pro- sit -tight Trump’s protesters a few hours ago stormed the US Capitol where members of the Congress were meeting to certify President- elect, Joe Biden’s win.

The joint House, 4thestatereporters.com gathered , was evacuated as Congress entered emergency recess.

Meanwhile, the DC Mayor has implemented a 6p.m ET curfew to avert a possible breakdown of law and order by an obvious enraged pro – Donald Trump’s protesters who had accused the electoral umpire of bias and fraud during the elections in favour of the Democrats .

Before the protest ensued , Republicans in both Chambers were reported to have planned to object to the count and delay the inevitable certification of a possible Biden’s presidency .

The conservatives , 4thestatereporters.com also gathered , had strongly maintained that the US Presidential election was afterall not free and fair in the real sense of it as irregularities and over voting were reported to have taken place in a select states where President Donald Trump had some advantage over his major rival, Joe Biden .

Before the peaceful protest which later turned to a Nigeria’s typical riot and #Endsarsprotest broke out, the Congress had already certified 12 of the 538 electoral votes .

However , it should be noted that the process of certifying the electoral votes works alphabetically, with lawmakers starting with Alabama State and working through the states in alphabetical order .

The US Congress had certified just two states – Alabama’s nine Electoral College votes and Alaska’s three – before the unfortunate ‘ we no gree o, we no go gree o’ of a riot broke out.

The cheering news remains that all the 12 of those votes went to President Donald Trump.

It seems it is not over yet?

πŸ“Έ Will Donald Trump spring up a last minute surprise at the end of this much heated electoral nay political war between the Republican Party and Democratic Party ?

Time shall tell.

  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna writes in from the Garden City, Port Harcourt,
    Rivers State, Nigeria.

Media Consultant|News Reporter|PR-πŸ€„ExpertπŸŽ€.


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