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Njaba state constituency rerun as political leaders sign peace pact ahead of the election .



A major milestone was reached today (yesterday) with respect to the Rerun Election billed to take place in 12 polling booths across some wards in Njaba. It was a call by a prominent leader in Njaba, Ezemmuo, who gathered the heads of security agencies such as the police, the DSS and other security agencies together with the major Political leaders and actors of the major Political parties billed to contest at the rerun election coming up on 25th January, 2020.

Remarkably, all the prominent political leaders and the leading contestants such as Mr Charles Abia, Mr Orgazi (Brainbox) and RT. Hon. Uju Onwudiwe were on hand to pledge for peace. They individually assured that they would not sponsor or Support any act of violence as the blood of every Njaba son or daughter is precious and the call for service does not support mayhem.

Chief Dr Eddy Ikwubuo, popularly known as Agunechemba remarked that during the general election in 2019, that he worked with RT. Hon. Uju Onwudiwe and that she proved to be nonviolent and peaceful. He added that his new commitment to Charles Abia, whom he also described as peaceful, is only to fulfill his duty based on loyalty to his new Political party, the PDP.

Following the agreement to sign peace pact and to be of good conduct, it means that the threat to engage fake police and security operatives and it’s twin evil plan of kidnapping prominent supporters of opponents is gaining serious attention from the security leadership of the state and the country. Anyone who therefore attempts to hijack ballot papers, sensitive materials and ballot boxes or to snatch results sheets and to intimidate voters will therefore be ready to face the wrath of the law. Every clandestine plan hatched to hijack the election process as to write result different from what emerged from the polling booths is therefore a criminal act that cannot be tolerated or condoned.

The gathering affirmed that all that is expected is free, fair and credible election as any act of violence or intimidation will be stoutly resisted. Voters are therefore encouraged to come out en mass to vote for their preferred candidate without fear of molestation and that votes shall count.

Recall that RT. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has clearly stated that his government is of the mantra of due process and the rule of law. Therefore People dropping his name to claim that the governor is supporting their nefarious plans to harrassing People and causing casualties should realise that Njaba People know the truth as nothing short of transparency and legitimate victory will be tolerated. Njaba People are ready to vote and defend their votes, and the security apparatus has stated their Commitment to protecting lives and properties and seeing to hitch-free elections.

Chief Chris Akuzuruahu is indeed a leader in Njaba who wants peace and progress of the people. I must thank him for this initiative and I urge all to abide by the full import of the peace pact.

Igolo Njaba is really tearing apart the demagogue of Political tyranny and intimidation in Njaba and there is no doubt that she has sufficient grace from above.
A vote for Igolo Njaba, Action Alliance, is a vote for consolidation of good, saying NO to imposition and consolidating the Political balance of Njaba, as Umuaka Ancient Kingdom stands to benefit in rotation practice.

Anothy Akalugo, Esq, is the Senior Legislative Aide to Hon (Mrs.) Uju Onwudiwe :


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