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Following a special thanksgiving mass at the Holy Cross Catholic Church , Aladinma , Owerri ; the Obialo Dynasty from Umuduruofor village in Ekitiafor Abba , Nwangele LGA , was greeted on Sunday , April 28th , 2019 , by a wild spectrum of family members , friends , business associates , extended relations and well wishers ; who joined the family of Chief & lolo D.C. Obialo at the Knights of St. John Hall , behind Assumpta Cathedral complex , being venue for the watershed event as his amiable wife , a quintessential lady of the St. John Knighthood , Noble lady (Nneoma) Roseline Onuwa Obialo turned 80 !
Indeed , it was quite a colorful and remarkable birthday celebration of a virtuous woman , mother Theresa of the Obialos who has always stood in for her children and the family :
A vessel of honour in God’s vineyard !

It’s the noble laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka who once posited that ; ” Human life has meaning only to that degree and as long as it is lived in the service of humanity. For humanity is infinite “.

An amazing gift to humanity !

A shinning example of discipline !

A role – model to many families !

A positive circle of influence to the married and young aspiring mothers !

A pillar of support to her husband !

A rallying -point for her lovely children and grand children !

A true definition of Proverbs 31 woman !

Humility personified • Hard work dignified • Charity exemplified • 

Nneoma Roseline Obialo ; an international trained educationist  from the famous University of Manchester , United Kingdom ; whose 80th birthday epoch -making celebration was organized by her children in pomp and pageantry is simply a beautiful illustration that tells the awe -inspiring story of a woman who had pushed the boundaries of human excellence and  endeavour  . Standing out in her chosen profession as an academic par  excellence . A former senior lecturer at the University of Nigeria , Nsuka (UNN)  , a respected guardian counselor and  retired director at the Imo State Ministry of Education .

Judging from her background as a  young lady with deep respect for social and family values ; nay a mother , disciplinarian and teacher  , one is therefore , not perturbed by the height of morals and discipline inculcated into her children during their formative years spanning into adulthood .

Little wonder , noble lady Roseline Obialo (Bsc , Msc , London ), is fulfilled in every sense ;  to have begotten and witnessed in her life time successful children in different fields of human endeavour with flourishing  careers and cordon blue jobs in the corporate sharks .

Amongst whom are :

⛑  Chief Ted Chibuzo Obialo (Ekwueme ) , Pharmacist .

🎗 Dr. Mrs. Dorothy Nwoko , KSJI , Consultant Physician .

💼 Mr. Kenneth Obialo , businessman .

⚖⚖ Chief (Barr) Derek Uche Obialo ,  Ugwumba 

A United States based respected Attorney .

🥼🎓  Mrs. Sophia O. Obialo , MBA : 
Health Admin .

⚖ Barr. Mrs. Rosemary E. Achogbuo , LLB, BSN. 

With a strong penchant to live out her dreams of having an admired , lovely and peaceful home , the then young Roseline Onuwa devoted a better part of her youthful years in the service of God and work of charity while taking her studies as her greatest companion ; knowing full well that dreams are fleeting and ephemeral until hard work and dedication are applied to make things happen .
Today , that pretty dream has been realised as she was married to one of the eggheads in the field of Urban|Town Planning , in no less personality and respected community leader  than Chief . (Sir)  .  Donatus Obialo (Ommenauko of Ekitiafor Abba ) : A former National President of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners .

However , the well attended birthday party of the Octogenarian witnessed creme da la creme of lmolites from all walks of life ; ranging from members of the academia and ivory tower , real estate , the business class , professional bodies , automobile dealers and retired town planners as well as teachers .

The accompanying eulogies that decorated her smiling face was a big testimony that noble  lady Rosemary Obialo is a fulfilled mother ; as one of such eulogies from her daughter read thus :

” I cannot stop being grateful to God for the gift of long life on my sweet , sagacious and amazing mother .Indeed , God is awesome . He moves in His mysterious ways of performing wonders for His beloved .
Happy belated birthday ,Mummy , Nneoma lady Roseline Obialo . We love you !
Embrace your blessings and grace of God . You are really blessed “.
– Rosemary Achogbuo , LLB , BSN.

Nevertheless , the high -point of the event was the presentation and cutting of the three steps creamy  80th birthday cake 🎂🎂🎂 of the celebrant , Noble lady (Ezinne) Roseline Onuwa Obialo , Bsc, Msc . London ; who was expensively and exquisitely dressed and adorned in a combination of orange and  red sophisticated Italian lex with a blend of yellow captivating head -tie and river line coral beeds that perfectly suited well with her outfit .

No doubt , it was a show of love as her children without throwing caution in the wind spent a mouth -watering fortune to celebrate their mother  who gave meaning and true definition to their upbringing and re – orientation .

She came , saw and is conquering her world !

A hearty celebration to an amazon of a woman 🍾🍾🍸🥂🍷🍻🍺.

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