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Nwangele news: Abba 4th force calls on Nwangele IMC Boss to pay workers salary arrears .


  • Njoku MacDonald Obinna

Nwangele LGA , Imo State .

The need to pay salaries promptly and adequately to local government workers (-with particular emphasis on Nwangele LGA, ) as in other tiers of government is very imperative and cannot be overemphasized.

Just like in other government establishments , payment of salaries to local government workers is not negotiable since it is a statutory obligation ; meaning that while the state government receives its monthly allocation from the federation account, the payment structure into local government accounts is already designed through the Joint Account Committee nay State-Local Government Joint Account; wherein the Accountant -General of the State called for two important meetings between the local government treasurers and Bureau for Local Government Affairs , then the Transition Committee or Interim Management Committee chairmen as in the case of lmo State.

Notedly, after the statutory deductions by the state government; payment of salaries of traditional rulers; and the teachers; what follows next is the compulsory payment of workers’ salaries and implementation of capital projects, if any.

Nwangele local government Wage Bill which is estimated at the sum of N38 million per month while her level 7 average worker’s net salary is at N48,000.00 per month , cannot be said to be too heavy on the local government which boosts of natural resources and other internally generated revenues if these resources are efficiently harnessed for productivity and social development.

Regrettably, since the inception of office as the Interim Management Committee chairman of a powerful and strategic local government like Nwangele, Chief Cosmos Iwuagwu (Shina) , has reportedly not paid the backlog of March and April workers’ salaries when other local governments in the state are preparing for payment of salaries for the month of May.

While these people who have devoted their energy and years in the civil service of Nwangele LGA are now groaning in pains largely because of the stay at home and lockdown directives of the government, Chief Cosmos Iwuagwu is yet to give a convincing explanation why workers salaries have not been paid despite remittance into the local government treasury , or does he want Nwangele workers nay people to believe otherwise ?

According to section 9.23 of Local Government Accounting Handbook , attendance time sheets plus overtime sheets where applicable , are submitted by various departments and units to the Payroll Section before the end of every month by various departments and units to relevant authority (Internal Audit) before they are entered in the payroll sheet.

Abba4thforce ; an intrepid and unbiased Social Watchdog in the Federal Constituency has authoritatively gathered that the above civil service payment requirements and procedures have been religiously met in the aforementioned months under review. Nevertheless, the continued none payment of salaries of Nwangele local government workers up till now not only shows lack of leadership direction , resilience and empathy on the part of Chief Cosmos Iwuagwu , but also insensitivity of his leadership to the excruciating plights of the workforce under his care ; at a very trying time like this.

From the above , therefore , may we cease the opportunity that this rare medium has created to passionately call on our proactive , dynamic , workaholic and youth- friendly state legislator , Rt. Hon. Amara Chyna Iwuanyanwu , to use his good office to intervene in this matter so as to put some smiles on the faces of these almost demoralised Nwangele workforce as the times are so hard.
If they are paid , no doubt,their families will be better of as the credit goes to Chief Cosmos Iwuagwu for living up to his leadership responsibility as the father of Nwangele local government council.

  • Njoku Macdonald Obinna


Abba 4th Force

(Centre for Rights Advocacy)

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Njoku Macdonald
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