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Opinion: Uche Ogbuagu and his new twist in politics .





Whenever I take a rather cursory and casual look at Chief Uche Ogbuagu’s face and very closely too, what I usually retort is eeeehhh!!!! , so this man would later be sounding this way?. Politics , e no better for you!

However , based on my personal observations and reservations, I make bold to give him a pet name befitting his new official designation as ‘majority leader’ of the Imo State House of Assembly. The pronunciation may differ , but has a relative same consonance sound ‘Oga Major and Oga Mayor’ with different contextual meanings .

‘Oga Major’ meaning , ‘Oga Majority leader . At least, by this political coinage of the dramatic personage, whenever I am truly led to give him some pieces of advice, or constructively and objectively push forward issue- based criticisms while taking into cognizance his antecedents as one who once voraciously engaged past and successive governments and her functionaries on leadership, need for transparency and accountability, the challenges of not embarking on people -oriented projects; rather than weep and wail , I would simply smile! Nigerian politicians na the same , as I am often tempted to draw this hasty conclusion.

From the strength of above, periscoping his activities as first , Uche nwa Ogbuagu; who once spoke for the masses and the voiceless nay politician; who is arguably keeping mute or silence over a number of developmental challenges in his immediate Ikeduru constituency starting from the birth of Rebuild Imo Administration under His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha CON, KSC, and the emergence of the present Shared Prosperity Government under His Excellency , Distinguished Sen. Hope Uzodinma: one would say that ; “Laughter in the midst of tragedy can never be really funny.” ‘Oga Major’ can now see that, ‘the sound of bitter kola is not truly the taste of it in the mouth. The burden of leadership, expectations from the electorates and challenges of good governance delivery seem to becoming more clearer to him as he oftentimes feels incapacitated or overwhelmed to address a number of these issues during call- in radio programs in the state.

The alleged clandestine arrest and detention of a number of his constituents who were opposed to his leadership style during his political rift with Rt. Hon. Henry Nwawuba.The Ekemele road dead trap which we learnt government has awarded to Julius Berger may eventually affect his second term bid or interest to replace the outing federal lawmaker representing Mbaitoli|Ikeduru Federal Constituency in the next general elections ; if he didn’t throw caution to wind and boldly tell the governor to fix that road rather than the ‘temporary face -lift’ it has cosmetically been receiving from indigenous contractors.
Interestingly, for the records, Imo state has the most active, objective and destructive opposition in Nigeria as people are fast becoming too conscious of how they are governed especially, in the wake of the new media through many social engagements on various platforms.

But wait a minute. Would I be guilty of sounding immodest to say I reserve the right to address him as ‘Oga major’ , ‘Oga Uche’ or ‘Owu Uche?’ Ironically, the strong voice who once objectively critized government’s poor policies, Made in China roads, diversion of public funds to personal accounts , etc , and was heavily applauded for his courage to speak truth to power , his sense of empathy and resilience for the challenges of the suffering masses and avowed commitment to see these challenges addressed and their poverty ameliorated

Nevertheless, from whatever prism or angle one carefully judges or makes a critical assessment of Amb. Uche Ogbuagu’s legislative outing within the period under review , no sane mind, rationale or reasonable homo sapiens would deny this eternal truth that he has practically demonstrated political sagacity and leadership wit as well as delivered the much expected dividends of democracy to the good people of Ikeduru State Constituency. And I learnt , at times , at his own personal costs ! This very sacrifice and extra mile is what colors and beautifies his efforts as a politician who is dispassionately driven to change the narrative and leave the society better than how he met it as one coming from ‘the streets.’

Uche Ogbuagu , in his early career years as an ace satirical comedian excuded good humour and bonhomie to that degree that all who come in close contact with him acknowledged his disarming charm , sense of humour , geniality , patriotism and friendliness .

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While this may have changed now due to the volume of wealth acquired within and outside the corridors of power , Oga Major remains , no doubt, one of the outstanding state lawmakers in Imo state, but his misgivings according to the critics and conservative remain keeping quite in the midst of policy somersault, infrastructural and structural developments as a politician.

People expect him to sustain the high bar of expectations in governance as his voice will outlive his career as a politician .

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