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Save lmo group tasks governor Emeka Ihedioha on challenging contractors to facilitate road projects after the rainy season .


His Excellency, Please be adviced that construction work on the failed sections of Owerri- Orlu road being handled by IMEA, EMAC & RHAS is slow and at snail pace.

RHAS is not on site as you won’t find any of their equipments on the section of the failed road they are handling, especially near the Njaba bridge.

IMEA & EMAC are equally not working at the expected pace, on the sections of the failed roads they are handling.

Nothing is happening at the Ubomiri failed section of the road, after the initial evacuation. The failed section evacuated is not motoriable. And this is causing heavy hold up at the Ubomiri Army checkpoint.

Construction work is also very slow at the failed sections of Owerri – Umuahia road being handle by CCECC.

SAVE IMO is worried that these construction companies are not taking advantage of the improved weather conditions (Dry Season) to achieve impressive results before the next raining season sets in.

Moreso, many of these roads may not be ready or reasonably improved at the slow or snail pace of work before the yuletide.

All in all, only CODUC & ZEROCK construction companies are performing to expectation and with their equipments visible and stationed at all their sites.

SAVE IMO hereby advises His Excellency to watch some of these construction companies and send a discreet monitoring team for further evaluation of our whistleblowing reportage.

However, SAVE IMO hereby declares that IMEA & EMAC are not reputable construction companies with verifiable track record.

His Excellency, please accept this whistleblowing as SAVE IMO’s token contributions to your rebuild Imo agenda.

Ebubeagu Ekenulo
Whistleblower & founder of SAVE IMO.

Njoku Macdonald
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